A secret vault? Yes!

As a thank you for being a part of our creative community, you're getting a supercool brain entrainment track produced by yours truly. 

As a former ultra-stressed-out-creative (now it's a word), I've spent decades learning about strategies to find peace and balance in a complicated world. One area that I've found really interesting to explore is sound.  I've observed that the right sounds do have the power to quiet the mind. Here, I'm sharing with you my favorite track. It combines:

A storm (because nature nurtures)
Brain entrainment (you'll hear a gentle "woo-woo" sound playing). Brain entrainment simply means creating a pattern that matches certain frequencies of the brain. The idea is that by playing a rhythm, the brain will sync itself to it. In this track, the rhythm invites relaxation. 
A Tibetan bowl playing. Here, I'm using an antique bowl from my collection. 

This 40 min. track is the real deal, I've spent a lot of time producing it. It's not available for sale: it's only for family and friends. 


Now, click below and have a wonderful, relaxing time. 

Prof. G

NOTE: Please use with headphones. Make sure you're either seated, or you're lying down (as you might fall asleep) >>> i.e. no driving while listening to this