Hello, my creative friend.

My name is Guillaume Wolf, "Prof. G." I help creatives dream, grow, and succeed.

This is my life's mission.

I'm a teacher, and I train the next generation of creative leaders at ArtCenter College of Design. In addition, I also connect with creatives through my books, and coaching programs. People like you: creative entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, illustrators, performers, and makers. 

After numerous requests to serve the creative community on a larger scale, I've created a new training program: The Creative Dreaming Method—first, in a book format, and soon, through workshops and online programs.

There's a lot of excitement around this project. So, if you'd like to get notified ahead of time, make sure you join my friends' list.

In the meantime, please explore this site: Take a look at my books; or check out some videos about the creative life.

Enjoy. And—as always—go create!

Guillaume Wolf, "Prof. G"



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