Creativity is key—I believe that, together, we can create the future we all want if we keep growing and evolving. Once we’ve started using our natural creative ability to its full potential: anything will be possible.”

— Guillaume Wolf “Prof. G”

Guillaume Wolf "Prof. G" is a French American teacher and author.

Prof. G has a deep passion for positive change through creativity. His mission is to empower creative individuals to achieve their dreams and make a difference in the world. 

Born in West Africa (Sénégal), Prof. G was raised in Paris, France. After two decades working as a creative consultant (both in France and in the U.S.), he became an associate professor at ArtCenter in Pasadena, California (Gx Department). A preeminent expert in applied psychographics, he teaches communication design and the psychology of change. Prof. G is also a core faculty of the Designmatters program where he has led multiple studios on social impact working with clients including social change organizations, NGOs, and governmental agencies.

Prof. G is the author of the creativity concept books, You Are a Circle, You Are a Message, and You Are a Dream

Prof. G lives in his mountain house in Lake Arrowhead, California with his wife and daughter. To follow his daily adventures, connect on Instagram HERE